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A lovely job has been made to my chest of drawers, from pine to a slate grey with blue knobs. It looks great with my other bit of furniture. I can well recommend TransFunk and I would certainly use them again. — Helen

Adding value to an unwanted item

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is adding value to an unwanted item to make it desirable and attractive. It shouldn’t be confused with the term “shabby-chic”, which refers to a certain style. Using a range of designs and techniques, including painting, distressing, stencilling, decoupage and upholstery, we’ll upcycle your tired and unloved furniture. Sometimes, it involves changing the structural properties of your furniture piece such as adding new legs or even changing its function completely including making a pet bed from an old drawer!

Examples of our work

Monks bench

This unwanted dark wood monks bench was sanded down to reveal the gorgeous natural oak wood and reinvented as a comfortable seat with some funky upholstery. It effortlessly transforms into a hallway or side table with a beautifully restored wooden top.



Three chair bench

We had three old oak chairs – not quite a set – which we transformed into a stunning bench by linking them with old scaffold boards which were restored in a lovely rustic look. We added some vibrant colours and even made some cushions for extra comfort and funk!



Ski table

What do you do with a vintage curved coffee table and a pair of old skis? Put them together, jazz it up with some piste maps stitched together and paint it in the ski run gradient colours…. Ta-da!! Perfect for any ski enthusiast or anyone into quirky coffee tables.



Pom-pom stool

Why? Because we can!