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07760 286 866 / 07729 373 965 1 Beechview Parade, Walshes Road, Crowborough
Green mission

Orange is the colour – Green is the goal

The eco-friendly upcycling furniture specialists in Crowborough, East Sussex

Our aim is to turn unwanted and unloved items into beautiful upcycled and restyled furniture. You would be surprised how amazing those old pieces can look with a bit of TLC and eco-friendly paint.

Old and tired furniture can be brought back to life and look amazing through painting, distressing, stencilling, upholstery and restoration and repairs. You’ll discover that you get a unique piece of furniture, that’s easy on the pocket and great for the environment. You could say WIN, WIN, WIN!

TransFunk Furniture in Crowborough, East Sussex is proud to be a business that puts the environment first.

  • A company built around the circular economy of upcycling and restyling
  • Uses products that are virtually zero or low in VOCs
  • Works with products that are environmentally friendly and available in fully recyclable packaging
  • Supports local businesses which follow our ethos and have a low carbon footprint
  • Stocks eco-friendly paintbrushes made with sustainable and recycled materials
  • Supports fair trade gift products made with recycled or natural ingredients
  • Aims to use sustainable materials for newly created products such as bamboo, cork, recycled plastics and acrylics
  • Uses low energy lighting in the showroom and workshop as well as timers to ensure lighting is not left on unnecessarily.
  • We are a member of Clean Growth UK which is a University led initiative to drive greener business innovation.

Clean Growth UK Member Business

TransFunk Furniture using eco-friendly products to transform your furniture

If you need any help, we’ve got loads of tips, help and advice that we can give you or just let us recycle that tired piece of furniture for you. Why not browse through the furniture that we’ve already restyled and saved from the landfill? We’re sure you’ll find something you like. Drop that old and unused piece of furniture off to us or browse our selection of paints including chalk, milk and mineral and our durable water based varnish range.

Although we take looking after the planet very seriously, we invite you to come along and meet us and be inspired to be creative. You’ll see the other side to TransFunk Furniture and have lots of fun at the same time!

So why not reuse your old furniture by giving it an exciting look, rather than buying new? What’s stopping you?