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FlipRunway Awards and Stockist Conference 2019

Let me tell you about the event of the year!

We arrived at Hempstead House Country House Hotel and Spa early Friday morning (9:30 is early for us, ok?!) ushered into the conference room by Anthony Devine of Ministry of Upholstery and met the amazing organiser of the whole event Myra (and her team) of Flip Runway Distribution in a room already packed with other Fusionistas and fellow pro-upcyclers.

Not long after that, we could hear some girly shrieks and giggles from the hallway and in walks founder of Fusion Mineral Paint, Jennylyn Pringle with her mum Loree and “partner in crime” Lisa Marie Holmes. We were awed by Fusion’s humble beginnings 5 years ago, the enormous growth and success of the company and the collaboration between the paint brand and a herbalist which led to the launch of the Lisa Marie Holmes signature line. These are the 5 new Fusion Mineral Paint colours which came out earlier this year.


Just before lunch Myra explained more about Flip Runway as importers and distributors of Fusion and how they fit into the Fusion Family. We never really appreciated the responsibility they have representing this gorgeous brand and how much work and effort they put into their role.

At lunch time we were very lucky to share a table with women who we have come to know through Facebook and who are real inspirations in our upcycle community, as well as Loree who has such a sweet, tender nature. If you haven’t seen our lunchtime live, check it out here:

After lunch Anthony got us all very excited about upholstery… well, actually much more than just upholstery but I can’t say too much about it just yet but stay tuned for some exciting news in the not-too-distant future!

Laura from Laura Pearman Photography shared some valuable information and tips for great phoneography (this is the art of taking photos with your mobile phone!). This girl was running around all day taking professional photos of the event and party with the best vintage bangs I have seen… ever!

We ended the day with Loree telling us about some exciting new products which we will tell you about as we can!

THE PARTY!! After getting dressed we all (and some more awesome pro-upcyclers) were taxied to the Flip Runway warehouse where we were greeted by colourful lighting, smoke machines and banging tunes! The Beetle Juice Cocktail Bar was a converted VW van and no cocktail was impossible for these guys!


Once everyone arrived and had some food and drink the awards were handed out to the very best in our business!! Follow this link to check out who they are and their amazing work:

And here are links to all our winners:

Not long after the awards the fabulous Mr Jay Blades graced us with his presence, and it was like a bunch of teen girls at a rock concert!! Everyone was pushing their way through the crowd to get a selfie with him (us included, obvs!) By the time he left he must have been covered in lipstick, perfume and drink spillages.

Well, what can I say? What an event!

Thank you, Myra, Greg and team Flip Runway! Not only have you created a fabulous day and night but you are superstars at the other end of the phone / computer getting our gorgeous paint to our door from Canada.  And a massive CONGRATULATIONS to all the award winners! You have all set a high benchmark for us to achieve!


Here’s to next year!!

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